State-of-the-Art Manufacturing We’ve won more Design of the Times (D.O.T.) awards than any other company for a few simple reasons.

First, we manufacture what we design. At DDG’s 100,000 square-foot manufacturing campus, all of our experience, skill and resources converge to provide you with the most appropriate P-O-P solutions. We work in every type of popular P-O-P material, from injection-molded, fabricated and vacuum-formed plastics to wood, metal, wire, and corrugated.

And whether we’re building a relatively simple temporary counter display, a high-tech interactive kiosk, a fully integrated merchandising program or just a last-minute promotional overlay, we monitor our on-site fabricating, finishing and assembly services every step of the way.

Moreover, as a commitment to our clients, we continuously re-invest in DDG by upgrading our equipment. In-house, we’re state-of-the-art, from our UV screening and ultrasonic assembly lines to our laser cutting and CNC routing systems. When outsourcing is required, we turn to our multiple global business partners who offer DDG clients a wide range of economic and quality options.

Award-Winning Quality Our Quality Assurance Specialists are your absolute assurance of in-store merchandising success. Due to our exceptionally high quality standards, DDG has been awarded Quality Control Vendor Certification from a number of our corporate clients.